Helmut has stopped chips, Wexler gives tips for defeat: chickens in the world series of poker

Painter from Ukraine Pavel Wexler distinguished himself with his unsuccessful tips, Sean Day bought a hat from a rival who knocked him out of the tournament and Phil Helmut was robbed.

"Take my stack, i need home"

American poker Jeremy Osmus told a funny story that happened wsop. He won the alll-in, after which the opponent got up and started collecting his things. Jeremy noted that more than 10 BB remains in his stack, which the opponent calmly answered: "And well, take them to yourself too, I’m still time to go home".

"Friendly" The advice from Paul Wexler

In one of the tournaments was Nikita Kuznetsov. He saw Pavel Wexler who used to play with the same opponents at the table and asked to characterize opponents. The Ukrainian pointed to one German, noting that he was aggressively playing a prefab.

In a minute Kuznetsov put a German 4-bush with a stack of 50 BB and immediately flew. Its a7s lost ak. After the defeat of Nikita told the German: "It’s because that guy told me that you are aggressive".

Cake that brings success

Sean Days resorted to another tactic. When the opponent moved him in a tournament from Omaha for $ 1,500, he came to the opponent and asked for his cap. He agreed to sell a hat with a star player.

Since then, the American is constantly playing tournaments in the world series of poker in her. Sean Days have been going out for the final table several times and made 8 ITM on WSOP.

Sean Day in the same cap / PhokerNews photo

Helmut was pushed chips

But Phil Helmut is not embarrassed. WSOP’s most titled player missed part of the series through coronavirus and now tries to catch up with the lost. More – in one of the tournaments in Helmut almost took away his stack.

The situation happened in a tournament with Bay-in $ 10,000. After the break, when 21 participants remained in the game, the organizers reduced the number of tables to 3, the Phil returned from the toilet and was surprised to find that his chips somehow found themselves in another player.

Casino administration figured out the situation. No one doubted that Phil remained in the tournament but the exact number of chips was difficult to find out. I had to watch a video from the surveillance cameras, where they determined that Helmut had 135,000 chips.