Stephen Chodvik earned almost $ 500,000 in three days

The first title of this year was won in Australia, where he became the champion of the Hayrolers of the Australian Poker Open with Bay-in $ 17,000. In hedz-opa chidwick defeated the owner of eight bracelets wsop Erika Sideel. The American, by the way, is a few million ahead of the chidvik by career win. Victory brought him $ 269,852, Selidel got 174 610.

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Chinese poker Pineapple: rules and features of the game

The pineapple or pineApple got its name from the Holdemus variety of the same name, where on prefloup players instead of two cards receive three. The pineapple is rightly considered to be Asia, where the game came only a few years ago to the world poker market. Today in Chinese poker Pineapple actively play online, in particular, on the Ukrainian platform PokerMatch.

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Poker as a profession: play online

In the 21st century there are many options for making money on the Internet. Online Poker in the List of Virtual Occupations of the rear does not graze. Is no exception in this direction and Ukraine. As a standard is an example of the most successful Ukrainian poterist in online – Roman Roman Romanovsky, who earned more than $ 12.5 million on the network.

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