How to Call Good Luck: Prejudice in the Poker

Poker is an intellectual game where the key role is played by knowledge and the ability to use them. You not become a successful porester, hoping only for good luck. However, as in any sport, a little fortune will not hurt.

Powerurists too people and although, first of all, hope for themselves, still do not lose the opportunity to appease the capricious fortun. To your attention the most common prejudices among the poker fraternity.

The first distribution

What thoughts will appear in you if in the first distribution at the big tournament you get Ah? We are convinced that exceptionally positive. However, do not rush to rejoice. Many players are willing to throw away pocket aces already on the preflopa. Those in one of the most famous poker prejudices: win the first distribution of the tourna. Let a lot of players and claim that this rule works, we would still not advise you to throw a couple of aces on the preflopa either in the first distribution or in any other other.

Changing the place

If the player is not lucky for a long time for cache sessions, he can often decide that the matter at the place he takes at the table. Such is "unhappy" The place of the poterist will try to leave at the first opportunity, and the one who will then take him, of course, will wait for the same failures. Rule "works" both sides. Except "unhappy" There are places and "happy". If you notice that someone is incredibly good for a map and he finally decides to leave the table with a big win, you should take care of it … In fact, no.


Here everything is clear and traditionally for many sports, not just poker. If you are lucky in some clothes then you should not change it until fortune is from you. Perhaps the most striking example here is the owner of 15 WSOP bracelets Phil Helmut, which is almost impossible to imagine without his branded cap on his head. True, if you find a fault clothing still don’t forget that it is still worth washing it from time to time.

Phil Helmut in your favorite cap


Various figures that can often be seen at the table should perform the function of protecting cards from random opening. However, this happens quite rarely, because most tournaments are now in closed rooms. So card Protectors are designed not so much to perform their direct function as they are just happy mascots for pokerists.

Johnny Chen with "happy" orange

At the same time, the mascot can be absolutely anything. What is just worth the orange with which the legendary Johnny Chen won Main Event WSOP. After that fruit fruit became unchanged Johni’s companions in tournaments. Jason Mersye went even Daise. His happy mascot became a pet – a dog named Marsmelow. At a friend of Jason won 2 wsop bracelets in 2016. Eric Sideel even suggested to buy a Merissier dog for $ 1 million and the latter disagreed.

Jason Mersye with his "mascot"

Fortuna certainly plays some role in the poker. However, it is important not to start too much to get carried away with prejudices and faith in good luck. After all, poker remains an intellectual game where the best mascot will always be the level of your preparation.