Stephen Chodvik earned almost $ 500,000 in three days

The first title of this year was won in Australia, where he became the champion of the Hayrolers of the Australian Poker Open with Bay-in $ 17,000. In hedz-opa chidwick defeated the owner of eight bracelets wsop Erika Sideel. The American, by the way, is a few million ahead of the chidvik by career win. Victory brought him $ 269,852, Selidel got 174 610.

These are no longer the first serious prize for Stephen Chidvik on Australian Poker Open 2020. This week he took second place in a similar tournament that brought him $ 1821. So literally in three days the British was granted for almost half a million dollars. Therefore, it is not surprising that according to Chidvik, the format of this series is even more than WSOP:

It was fun. I like this game format: one tournament every day during the week. You compete with the best players in the world to find out who is stronger. Very nice to have a chance to conquer the title Australian Poker Open. The world series of poker is too long. Can be depleted very quickly if you do not take a break. And this series is quite suitable for me.