Why will the pokerists learn from the TV series “Gambit Queen”

Search on the topic "How to play chess" reached a nine-year-old peak, and actress Anya Taylor-Jei became known thanks to her fictional protege Beth Harmon.

A simplified but exciting approach to play by director Scott Frank led many to reflection on what a poker version of the picture can achieve.

PokerNews talked with a female Grosmaster, two -time US champion and Jennifer Shakhade. She told she had tortured for herself from the series. In particular, he believes that a similar poker multi -series film would also be popular:

I am sure that a well -written show around poker would be a great tool for increasing the level of popularity of this game. Very much hope that success "Gambite Queen" inspire writers and directors to create and other paintings around such sports.

Shahade assures that in order to make a decent poker version of such a series, the director needs the help of professionals who can explain the nuances of the game as in "Gambiti Queen" made one of the best chess players in Gary Kasparov’s history.

Jennifer Shakhade. Photo: PokerCerentral

According to Jennifer Shakhade, one of the secrets of success of the series is the overall availability of chess. The same feature is in poker. Also, the American compared these two intellectual games:

I guess the newcomer is more reaches the competence in the poker. But to achieve a very high level, both sports require almost the same obligations: play, computer training, careful introspection and study of the games of the best professionals.