Who are poker investors and how to get engaged in their support

Beginners in the poker pave their way to starting bankrol with the help of free tournaments – freezers. But already experienced players do not shy away from the use of Beckers – people who can help resuscitate a poker career.

How successful can back

Becker (from English. Backer) – a person who gets back. It’s about income from own investment. In other words, Becker puts money into a promising player in the hope of getting a successful game from his successful game. Backing is an integral part of modern poker, including the highest level. For example, in 2008, WSOP Main Event Vice-Champion Ivan Demidov was close to the title.

The Russian could not afford Bay-in $ 10,000 to participate in the WSOP main event, and therefore used the investment of sponsors. The latter as a result good money, believing in a promising player. Demidov’s share was 20%, and therefore Ivan had to be satisfied with only a fifth of a $ 5.8 million winning.

Beckering is risky investments

However, it is obvious that in Becker practice such cases happen very rarely. Investments are often unjustified, and therefore Becker should be very carefully examined. In addition, in such a risky business will not prevent the possession.

Backing in king. Photo: WSOP.com

In turn, in order to enlist Becker’s support, the player must match the high level of the game and have a good reputation in poker community. Therefore, Becker’s role is usually taken by persons from the player’s close environment. Often, successful pouring, or people close to intellectual game. Often, potential Beckers are supported by wealthy investors and specialized forums. And offer several options for further cooperation.

Becker and player’s cooperation options

Backing with a factor. One of the most common options for cooperation is a backing factor. The player offers his services with a small coefficient, thus guaranteeing a profit even for not too bright results. For example, a factor of 1.2 with a beker part of $ 1,000 is transformed into a “tip” of a poterist of $ 200, even if the latter played in zero.

Backing with a roll out. In this version of beeting fate is sold without any coefficient, and the potential profit of the participants of the agreement depends on the percentage of player’s percentage performance. Typically, a range of 10 to 50% of the profute. So, if the player multiplied the amount of investment by at least 10%, deserved a certain rollback, and for the same.

Summarizing, we can conclude that becking, like any type of business activity, is always a risk. Becker risks his money and the pokerist is a reputation. Therefore, this case should be approached with a cold head and a dry calculation.