The poter was scandal over a bad game but won $ 269,000

A scandalous story occurred at the Casino Grove Casino Tables. Robbie Leo supported Hill-in Harreta Adelstin with Vilets High, after which she won both boards and was accused of dishonest game.

Great money playing regularly in the Hustler casino, but today there was an unusual distribution. Robbie Leo paid on Torne $ 130,000 per Push from a rival with a weak hand.

On preflopy, Garrett Adelstin put a 3-bit with a hand 7-8s. The woman supported the bet with J-4O. Commentators even then noted Robbie’s desperation. Further interesting-when the opponent got a street-flop from flop and continued to put it, she answered the Turne Check Rise. Adelstin, having a good equity, moved to the center of the table chip for $ 130,000. Call with a frankly weak hand from Robbie was accepted ambiguously.

Both of Robbie Luy’s Boths Won the shaft won. It was even more disappointed by Adelstin. Garrett played a few more distribution then they went out of Robbie beyond the cameras and communicated for a long time. As a result, the woman returned Harretta $ 135,000. It surprised other players.

I told him that I wanted to minimize the harm from this distribution and asked what I could do. He replied: "Give me money", – the woman confessed.

Casino owners stated that they would conduct an investigation at the time of which both participants of this distribution were removed from the game. Adelstin believes that there is nothing to understand, he is convinced that he was deceived. Some players have suggested that Robbie just confused her hand but she denied that fact herself.