Poker as a profession: play online

In the 21st century there are many options for making money on the Internet. Online Poker in the List of Virtual Occupations of the rear does not graze. Is no exception in this direction and Ukraine. As a standard is an example of the most successful Ukrainian poterist in online – Roman Roman Romanovsky, who earned more than $ 12.5 million on the network.

Such success is not just a collection of experience and skill. Poker is a discipline that will not obey everyone. And if you do not adhere to the main principles – and even.


To begin with, it will not hurt the well to monitor the online cock market. Most platforms offer newcomers a variety of bonuses for the first deposit, organize favorable stocks, saturate the tournament grid with freezers.

If you already have some experience and appropriate funds, you need to clearly determine the main direction of the game on the network. A, as experience shows, the optimal here is the game of cache tables. Another key point is the Banrol Control or Packs available for the Game of Funds. And the session requires a handicap of about 300 large blinds (table 1-2 hryvnia-Banrol 600 UAH).

Romoopro novel Romanovsky. Source: Cardmates

On a particular limit you will have to linger for a long time, to force events in the cache is not worth it. It is necessary, so to speak, to beat the limit before moving to the next level already with more expensive blinds. Experts take a distance of 25 thousand played hands, which is accompanied by positive dynamics.


As in the cache game, the size of Banrol is important in SIT and GO tournaments and many-table battles. MTT tournaments. – Multi Table Tournament), should not be forgotten, allow you to seriously develop Banrol in a short time. Here even small investments can be multiplied by hundreds, even a thousand times. However, on the way to solid prizes will have to leave a little peloton opponents behind the back. And so in MTT it is worth enveloping the affection of fortune, which of course calls into question good prospects in distance. And whatever the poker career you choose, your main goal is the methodological accumulation.


In poker tend to come for excitement. For beginners, it is a pursuit of adrenaline, a way of self -realization, or a pleasant pastime. However, if you set yourself the goal of turning the game into an additional or the main source of income, you need to dramatically change your attitude to poker. Another important point is the rationality of investment. Or, playing poker for the last money is not an option.

After all, serious success in king is only the most patient and psychologically persistent players. Need to be prepared for failures – Bed Beat, Downsman. As well as be able to minimize the impact of Tilt on your game. After a local fiasco, you should not continue the game in the company of aggressive or scaffolding players. Will not hurt to raise the rotation – to reduce limits, or the traditional number of tables.

Poker online. Source:


As in any profession, in the poker you need to constantly improve. One of the most effective ways is a detailed analysis of your own retrospective session for dubious solutions. In order to tighten your game in certain aspects, a lot of specialized literature, guides and free lessons will come to the rescue. Another effective way to improve is to view online streams with the participation of reputable players, professionals for whom poker has already become a full profession. The chances of replenishing the lava prof. It all depends on the effort and the seriousness of the intentions.