Chinese poker Pineapple: rules and features of the game

The pineapple or pineApple got its name from the Holdemus variety of the same name, where on prefloup players instead of two cards receive three. The pineapple is rightly considered to be Asia, where the game came only a few years ago to the world poker market. Today in Chinese poker Pineapple actively play online, in particular, on the Ukrainian platform PokerMatch.

Basic Rules of Game in Chinese Poker Pineapple

The pineapple is based on the Texas Hold, namely the combination of the most popular kind of game. Key difference – in pawine, combinations, you need to collect three at once. To do this, each player has three boxes where he forms his final hand. Upper box consists of 3 cards, middle and lower – from 5 (Example 1).

(Example 1)

"Dead hand"

When forming combinations, a player must follow a clear hierarchy. The lower boxing combination should be older than the average, and in turn should prevail. In case of non -compliance with the principle of seniority, announce "a dead hand".

Player 1 gathered "a dead hand", Since a combination of average boxing –2 pairs – interrupted a couple of 99 from the lower boxing (Example 2). "Dead" A hand also turned out to player 2, which gathered the strongest combination – a couple QQ in the top boxing.

Example 2

Cards and streets in king pineapple

There are no more than three participants at the pineapple pine. First, the poresters are handed out 5 cards, which should be placed at their own discretion in three boxes. Starting from the second street to the moment of formation of the final hand, they already distribute 3 maps. One extra every player dumps.

Therefore, filling boxes from 13 sections occurs according to the scheme 5+2+2+2+2. Translate cards after the street is finished players cannot. Opponents see only cards decomposed in boxes. Reset cards remain closed.

Regime "Fantasy" in Chinese poker

In the pineapple pineapple, besides traditional hands, the regime is also provided "Fantasy". If the player made a combination of QQ (pair ladies) or above in the top box and his hand not "dead", It gets an advantage during the next distribution. The game continues on one hand in mode "Fantasy", and player 2 gets 14 cards at once, 13 of which he uses to compile combinations (Example 3).

Example 3

Varieties of mode "Fantasy" in pineapple pineapple

At 3-max tables "Fantasy" decomposed last (after decomposition of cards by opponents). If the game is based on tables with "Progressive imagination", can distribute from 14 to 17 cards, depending on the strength of the combination in the top boxing.

In some cases "Fantasy" may repeat if the player fulfills certain conditions when compiling combinations. Classic repetition "Fantasies" foreseen in the case. The endless repetition will last until the poterist every time is set set up in the upper box and quads+ in the lower. In both cases, the player’s hand should not be "dead".

Calculation of points in Chinese poison

In Chinese poison, the game is on the hush that is a kind of analogue of classic blinds. In a tournament pineapple size of cocks increases depending on the regulation. While counting points, their sum is multiplied by the size of the kush and the number of chips won/lost each of the players.

At the end of each distribution, a summary is made at a paired comparison of each porester’s hands with others in the corresponding boxes: lower with the lower, middle with the middle and upper with the upper (Example 4). In the case of a equivalent combination on one of the lines (for example, two players are equivalent to a flash in the lower box), no player will get points behind this hand.

Example 4

Bonuses and their cost in pineapple pineapple

In addition to the points obtained in comparisons, pineapples of poison are also charged with bonuses – royalties – for collected combinations, provided there is no "dead" Hands. Bonuses are formed according to American and Russian rules, their cost and differences are listed in the table.

Line Combination Russian rules American rules
Lower line Street 2
Flash 4
Fulle Hous 6
Kare 8 10
Street Flash 10 15
Flash Royal 15 25
Medium line Set 2
Street 4
Flash 8
Fulle Hous 12
Kare 16 20
Street Flash 20 30
Flash Royal 30 50
The top line 66 1
77 2
88 3
99 4
Tt 5
JJ 6
QQ 7
Kk 8
Aa 9
222 10
333 11
444 12
555 thirteen
666 14
777 15
888 16
999 17
TTT 18
JJJ 19
Qqq 20
Kkk 21
AAA 22

The main features of this type of poker are significant uncertainty in the game process and the speed of decision making. So in Chinese pineapple pineapple it is difficult to follow a clear strategy and sometimes it will not hurt to trust intuition. Today, Pineplap is considered the most promising type of intellectual game, which can soon be worthy of competition to classical disciplines.