Daniel Negrean unsuccessfully launched a battle for three hundred thousand dollars

Daniel played in the second online version of the World Cower Series. Negrean quite dramatically flew in 18th place. Canadian, having received a manual pair of nine, went to Ol-in. And got Col of Matthew Mendes, with a couple of a dozen on his arms. Daniel finished fighting for the bracelet much earlier than planned. Negrean still got into prizes but satisfied with modest six thousand dollars.

We will remind, the performances of the Canadian on WSOP his army of supporters monitors very carefully. After all, Daniel recently offered all those willing pairs. He is willing to put a million dollars that will be able to win his seventh champion of the world series this year. Did someone risks to fight the establishment as far as a million unknown. But three pairs, one hundred thousand dollars each, Negrean still concluded. In particular, the success of the Canadian did not believe another well -known poterist Ali Imsirovich. So Daniel fans have every reason to hope that their pet will play a lot and actively in this year’s series.

And the winner of the second tournament WSOP-2020 became a poter with nickname "Pokethhese". He earned almost $ 170,000. The second became a player with "viral" Nickname "Kovid19" – $ 104,000 in prize.