Whose honor was called poker streets

Flop, thorns and rivers are poker terms that are probably most commonly used while playing. However, even by the decades of the age of the game experience do not have a clear answer as to the origin of the names of poker streets.

In the word flop (English. Flop) there are many values. However, most associate this term with a translation – to slap, to hit. The characteristic sound is heard while giving dealer first three cards on the board.

Appearance in the game of the fourth common map – thorns (English. TURN) – often changes the course of distribution. Someone completed the combination, others resort to more active action. In other words, this street is considered a turning point or a turning point. And the verb "to Turn", As is known, first of all translate how to return, or change the direction.

Streets in king. Photo: Pokerlistings

Translation of the word "Riveer" (English. River) – a river that was named the last street in poker, gave rise to many theories about the origin of the poker term. Some believe that the name of the final street originated several centuries ago when the poker was played on boats. The most inventive players, trying to fraud. The one who managed to catch on hot was thrown into the river.

In another version – cowboy roots, namely with trap on horses, many associates are associated with the original poker. The cowboy’s working day was completed by rivers and streams where thirst quenched their cattle. So and the last street in the king was named "river".