Baton is the most favorable position at a poker table

Button "Baton", or "Dealer" goes to that player whose queue to take cards. It is clear that during the game online and in live tournaments, pointers do not engage. But the button has not lost its relevance. It denotes players with small and large blinds – they are on the left of the button.

And the poterist opposite whom this marker lies a somewhat privileged position in comparison with others. At the same time, the advantage of loaf professionals consider not nominal, but very even significant.

The bottom line is that a poterist can see how most of his competitors played and convert this information to the right solution. For example, if everyone or at least the vast majority of opponents dropped cards then professionals usually do aggressive rail. After all, at least the competitors for the bank will be a little. A, as maximum, you can and "pull" blind, scared of opponents.

Position in poker. Photo: Poker4YOU

Another advantage of position loaf is the ability to save chips by dropping even good cards. Say when you have already happened to you several large aggressive rails. Then the probability that opponents are strong "Hands" Very high. So, if you don’t have a high couple then it makes sense to be safe.

But if the predecessors at the table did not arrange any extremely rigid parson. Faded from this position relatively infrequently. But bluffy – quite regularly.

Another extremely important plus of loaf is that after the flop you will always be the last word. So the opportunity to make decisions by analyzing the actions of all competitors.