Great Game Starts: PokerMatch joined the poker network IPOKER

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Updated app, more tournaments, players from all over the world and millions of euros of prize – from now.

In order to start a game in a new customer, you need to download a new app and enter a login with a password that were on PokerMatch. Detailed guide how to do it – on the company’s website.

The working capacity of the account will be maintained. Only a game app will change that has greatly expanded its functionality and has many new changes. Players do not need to register a new account, and they still have new gifts: up to 100 euros for authorization, up to 50 – for the execution.

Account balance will also be saved in full and the account currency will remain unchanged. Players will be able to use this money to play after the first authorization in the client.

Rum-Tour on a new poker app: See video

The new app instead of fast Windfall tournaments with random winnings will be the same tournaments Twister, And the cache boustle-tables will now be called Speed. A new loyalty program for POKERMatch players will also be available since November 15, in which Status Points will be provided, which will increase your level. The higher the level, the better the players will receive, and the biggest lucky ones will be able to get up to 100% reicbeck.

More information about the conditions of transition to the iPoker network and gifts can be found on the official site of PokerMatch.