Power Legend in action: Phil Iva won $ 387,000 in Triton Poker series

In Northern Cyprus within the Triton Poker series, the first Shortdek tournament ended, where participants formed a prize fund of $ 1,40,000. The winner was the representative of the old school poker of the school legendary Phil Ivei.

Philovyi Ive is now 45 years old. The number of his trophies in king is not counted but victory in Triton Poker Cyprus series really costs a lot. Cyprus gathered the strongest Hayrolers of the present. This company is not lost and confirmed its high class.

By the standards of the Triton Poker series with Bay-in $ 30,000 came out rather modest-only 38 entrances. Participants formed a prize fund of $ 1,40,000. The final table began with a 7-max. Leaded with a huge advantage another legendary player Tom Twan. For him it was the first tournament in the series, all the holding part of the competition he missed.

Entrants of the final table / triton-series.com

The ITM zone began with 6th place, so Paul Fua played for the finale but left without money. The next left the tournament Daniel Dvosses, thanks to which Tom Twan increased even more. Nikita Bodyakovsky’s closest pursuer fell about three times, but it was the duoden that came from the distance first.

At first he doubled Phil Ivei, then lost the kiyati li, and in the next Alll-in gave all the chips of Ivei. The initiative went to Phil. The ruler of the 10th Bracelets of the world series poker dealt with Nikita Bodyakovsky, waited for hedz-up with Sam Greenwood, and in a stubborn struggle won the main prize of $ 387,000.

I love shortdek, it’s a big game. Here we need to win the Alll-in, glad that today I was on the right side of the flip,-commented Phil Ivei’s game.

For a 45-year-old American this is a third triumph in a Triton Poker series. All Victories of Phil Ivei won in shortdek.