Quarantine: A poker community does not despair

Due to the threat of coronavirus epidemic in many countries, quarantine has already been introduced. A powerful blow to the disease also caused an offline cover-I had to cancel and carry a lot of large-scale series of tournaments. So experts are predicted to record a significant increase in interest in the Internet game.

Poker at the virtual table, after all, has many advantages over "alive" game, let’s figure out which ones.


Playing poker on the Internet deprives you a considerable amount of logistics hassle. All you need to start a poker session is the presence of a PC, laptop or gadget that will provide uninterrupted access to the World Wide Web. So you choose a convenient time and location for the game, after all, as well as the scale of the session. On the Internet is able to play at a few tables at the same time without waiting for hours on the appropriate hand.

For objective reasons poker on the Internet will easily give an offline head start. Therefore, weak opponents – "Fish" – There are many times more. And it’s not just about the low -skill of players. Some look at the online game as entertain. So playing the Internet, unlike the “live” poker, can bring a significant profit in a much shorter period of time.


In online you do not need to work on poker faces, hold your breath or curb the tremor. The opponent will not read your hand by watching facial expressions or movements. In addition, you can give freedom to emotions, becoming a victim of Bed Bit or falling into the Downstand. IN "alive" You can also allow yourself to be allowed, but be prepared to punish for too emotional behavior.


The so -called labels, notches are effective for players on the network. They can easily identify not only the opponent’s style thanks to the color you marked it. Notices often accompany short comments with a peculiar retrospective for specific distribution.